Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

baby swing reviewsThe Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity full size swing is designed for babies 6 to 25 pounds with parents who understand that little babies need help sometimes falling asleep, to calm nerves, or to soothe baby when he or she is overstimulated. Parents are happy to learn that this particular swing will continue to be useful as the baby grows and that the 5-point harness keeps baby securely in the swing. The Bright Starts swing keeps baby’s physical and emotional comfort in mind at the same time manages to entertain the baby with a toy tray, ten different melodies, nature sounds and a plush toy mobile.

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Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing Features and Specifications

  • TrueSpeed Technology – Automatically recognizes baby’s weight and maintains swing speed
  • Adjustable Swing timer – 30, 45 or 60 minutes
  • Multi-Directional Swing – rotates 180 degrees for front to back or side to side movement
  • Energy Savings – Run over one year with one set of batteries
  • Comfort for Baby – Whisper Quiet operation provides almost noiseless swinging; comfortable cushioned infant bolster and head rest
  • Room for Growth – Removable cushioned infant bolster and head rest to make more room when baby grows
  • Entertainment for Baby – 10 adjustable melodies and nature sounds as well as toy tray with 2 plush toys
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Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing Review


Reviews for this full size swing are mostly glowing with praise for the design, stability and color scheme. Many parents are impressed with how quiet the swing is when in motion and that it is lacking the “clicking” noise that other swings are known to have. The fact that the swing moves in the traditional forward and backward movement as well as a side-to-side motion gives parents two options for soothing their little ones. The nature sounds seems to be the most popular sound feature of the swing based on happy responses of babies. Parents state that they are really impressed with how long the battery-life is for those who have used the swing for a longer length of time. The manufacturer states that the original battery can last through a year of use thanks to TrueSpeed technology baby continues to enjoy the swinging motion, as his body grows heavier.

Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing

There are a few less than favorable features despite how wonderful the swing is received by baby and parent alike including the fact that the base of the swing is large, taking up considerable space in a room. Most newborns prefer to be swaddled to be soothed and a swaddled baby is almost impossible to secure properly in the harness. Most reviewers agree that the mobile is useless and adds nothing to the value of the swing.

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Based on reviews of the Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity full size swing this product is a wise investment because of its ability to soothe babies, keep them entertained and to give parents and caregiver’s peace of mind while the baby is securely fastened in the swing. Those who give the Bright Starts swing rave reviews also agree that the price does not deter them from being able to enjoy the many benefits of the swing for both baby and parent.